This kit contains :

1 Development board LoLin_NodeMcu_V3
1 Breadboard 830 points
1 Power Module for Breadboard
65 Breadboard jumper wires (male-male connectors)
1 Infrared sensor (motion detector) HC-SR501
1 Potentiometer 50 kOhm
10 LEDs (5 colors)
2 Photoresistors (LDR) GL5516 5516
1 Self-locking switch (6-pin)
1 Power adapter (9V battery snap power cable to DC 9V clip male power plug)
8 Connecting wires male-female connectors
8 Connecting wires female-female connectors
41 resistors (1/4 W)
1 DHT22 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor AM2302 Module PCB with Cable
1 Hygrometer, soil moisture sensor Humidity Detector Module
1 SFM-27 Active Electronic Buzzer DC3-24V



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