The retro 1950s style of the KitSound Jive DAB radio hides the latest technology under the hood. With its curved edges, large grille and leather handle, the KS Jive looks like the kind of radio teenagers listened to the likes of Elvis, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry on back in the day. But not only does it look great, you can also enjoy superb sound thanks to the latest in DAB technology, giving you access to a huge range of great radio stations to suit any tastes. DAB radio gives you crystal clear reception and also access to stations exclusive to this form of transmission, including 6 Music and Five Live Extra. Because it picks up a digital broadcast signal, there’s less hiss, crackle and fade, meaning music will sound even better, and what’s more you don’t need to worry about remembering wavelengths and frequencies or fine tuning a station to get the best reception Ð simply choose name of the station from the easy-to-read digital display, which will even give the track titles and artist names too. It can also be used as an alarm clock radio, with 2 alarms if you share a bed with someone who is lucky enough to get up later than you in the morning. You also get a multi-function control panel with a sleep/snooze option, quick scan button and you have the option to connect it to the mains or use batteries. Features: Fantastic sound quality DAB/FM wavebands Adjustable aerial Aux socket for MP3 player/smartphone playback Battery or mains operation Digital display with radio station and track playing information KitSound Jive DAB radio


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