Our close connection with Tour professionals is based on respect and trust. We respect their input, and they trust our ability to use it to create the best performing clubs and balls for players of their caliber. That gave rise to our Tour Preferred line of products, long revered by the finest players in the world for striking the ultimate balance of look, feel, sound and performance. Our Tour Preferred line of golf balls includes the Tour Preferred and the Tour Preferred X. The Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X models are engineered with similar performance off the tee and around the green. The Tour Preferred model is for players seeking more spin on iron shots. REACTª Core – Promotes fast speed off the driver and soft feel throughout the bag. Spin Mantleª Technology – Inner layers designed to promote consistent approach shot spin. New Soft Techª Cover – New softer cover material promotes improved greenside spin and control. Seamless LDP¨ 322 Dimple Pattern – Promotes penetrating ball flight for more distance into the wind.


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